The People’s History Hub is a proposed multi-media, on-line, educational resource that aims to make the lost history of the struggle for liberty, democracy and social justice more widely accessible to students, teachers and interested citizens.

We are currently fund raising to make the project a reality. If you are interested in helping please visit our Subscriptions page.

We aim to create of comprehensive online collection of digital resources, including, ‘bite size’ video documentaries, which will explore the UK history of concepts such as liberty, equality and social justice and tell the story of how democracy and universal suffrage were achieved.

The History Hub will cover individual subjects such as ‘The Suffragettes’, ‘Peterloo’, ‘Tolpuddle’ or ‘The Peasants Revolt’ and some subjects will be grouped together to form collections grouped under broader headings such as, ‘The History of Parliament’, ‘The English Civil War’, Trade Unions’, ‘Slavery’ etc.

Each subject will be introduced by a bitesize video designed to be shareable on social media and to grab attention and interest and perhaps stimulate further enquiry enabled through the website, which will include links to digital resources including in-depth histories, images and source documents, as well as being a central access point to relevant digital resources created by other organisations and institutions.

The online resource will also be the jumping off point for an extensive programme of educational outreach work including classes, seminars and workshops.


The project is specifically targeted as an educational resource for 14-34 year olds but as it is also a free, open, online resource, it will be available to all UK citizens and indeed many millions across the globe.